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Have you ever found yourself in need of plumbing services in Aventura but unsure who you should call? Wouldn’t it be nice to just pick up the phone and call a reliable, trustworthy, licensed and insured plumbing company that provides fast same day plumbing service in Aventura Florida? We rest assured you no can! Cape Plumbing, Inc. is here for all your plumbing needs in Aventura Florida!

Our company strives to be the best plumbing company in Miami-Dade County. We work hard at building customer relationships and work even harder to maintain them. Our professional and friendly demeanor makes it easy to communicate any and all of your concerns regarding your plumbing problems.  We will make sure to send a professional and presentable plumber to your home or business.  We offer upfront estimates and we have emergency services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service trucks and vans are ready and well maintained with the proper equipment for almost any plumbing emergency you may have. Our fair and competitive prices make it hard for any other plumbing company to match them and our unparalleled service and experience can only be earned through our decades-long tenure in the plumbing business.

If you need to schedule your plumbing service please give us a call today! Our team is standing by in Aventura. Plumbing service professionals are standing by ready to provide you with:

  • Same Day Service
  • No Upselling!
  • No Pressure!
  • Emergency Service 24/7
  • Trusted & Recommended
  • 20+  Years Plumbing Experience
  • Aventura Plumbing Service
  • Fast & Affordable Service

Our services range from water heater installations or repairs, to broken faucets, clogged drains, broken garbage disposals, or overflowing toilets. But our services do not stop there, we have experience in many more plumbing areas.  We are ready to hear from you now, don’t delay pick up the phone and give us a call. You will be happy with your choice!


Drain Cleaning Aventura FL

Drain cleaning is a among our most highly performed services here at Cape Plumbing. As you can probably guess it is one of the most common issues we see on a day to day basis. Sometimes it can be an emergency like rooms being flooded due to backed up sinks or drains; Other times it can simply be an annoying shower drain or kitchen sink that drains very slowly causing an annoying build up of water often times accompanied by a foul smell. Either way our customers rely on us to fix their drain problems, big or small. Cape plumbing and drain cleaning in Aventura has been in the business for 25 years and we know just how important each and every issue is. We offer affordable, reliable, and prompt service to each of our customers.

Signs of Clogged Drains:

  • Backed up water in tubs or showers
  • Slow draining sinks and drains
  • Toilet that wont flush
  • Foul odor coming from drain

By the time our customers give us a call they have already tried to fix the problem themselves. Either they’ve already tried to snake the drain or unclog the toilet and failed at the attempt. So there is always a sense of urgency, frustration, and even panic.  They are eager to get a service professional out to them as quickly as possible. Our service plumbers are here to help unclog even the most stubborn sinks, toilets, & drains!ftlauderdale

Usually by the time we hear from our customers, they are in a state of panic. There is frustration and a sense of urgency in their voices, because they have already tried to snake the drain or already tried a plunger and have failed at the attempts. They are eager to get a service professional out to them as quickly as possible. We will offer multiple ways to tackle your drain cleaning needs. Our service professionals will take a look at the issue at hand then offer the best solution that fits your situation.

Our team receives five star ratings with every happy and satisfied customer. You can find our reviews on multiple websites including Angie’s List where have won the award the Super Service Award in many departments. We also get recognition by word of mouth from our customers to their neighbors. Our company is proud to say that we are a family owned establishment, owned and operated by Mark Cape. We have 25 years of plumbing service under our belt and plan on staying in the business for another 25 years!


If you need to schedule an appointment for drain cleaning in Aventura please give us a call today! You can rest assured that you will receive:

  • Same Day Service
  • No Upselling!
  • No Pressure!
  • Emergency Service 24/7
  • Trusted & Recommended
  • 20+  Years Plumbing Experience
  • Fast & Affordable Service

Leak Detection in Aventura FL

Detecting a water leak in your home can be very important, as well as fixing a leak once the leak has been found. Leak detection can be done by service professionals and the right equipment, and with little disruption to the property.  Detecting a leak early on can be fundamental to the structure of your home. Plumbing leaks can be elusive and destructive. After time, sitting water can do more damage than you may actually know.  And depending on how early you detect the leak you may be saving yourself a lot of time, money , and headaches. For instance slab leak detection, when performed early on could save you from any foundation issues in your home or cracks in your interior walls and floors. And not to mention the high water bill will be saving yourself from.

We offer leak detection  in Aventura for various types of plumbing leaks.  It is possible for our experts to come in and detect the location of the leak in your home electronically with our state of the art equipment. Our service professionals will come in with the proper devices and can locate and fix the leak with minimal damage to your home. They can determine the location of the leak before you start to tearing into your walls or digging up your landscape. This could save you money on the detection and the repair of the leak and possibly any other potential costs.

One of the signs that you may have a plumbing leak is a sudden rise in your water bill. This could be a red flag that you have a leak somewhere. There are also other signs like hearing running water when all the water has been shut off. Your walls or floors could have discolored areas along with a wet or spongy feel to them and nothing has been spilt. Another common sign is a foul odor, this could be coming from a drain or near a sewer.  Leak symptoms could appear anywhere for instance in your landscaping, basements, utility lines, discolored flooring, behind walls, in bathrooms, or under concrete slabs. All of these signs could mean you have a leak in your plumbing and should be taken serious and handled accordingly.

Go with the best plumbing company for all your pluming needs and let us show you how courteous and friendly our service professionals are. Someone is ready to take your call at any time, and don’t forget we do offer emergency services as well as upfront pricing on all jobs. We do have a variety of services so don’t delay and reach out today. We want to be your new go to plumbing company. Our guys are ready to go with fully equipped vans and trucks no job is too big or too small we handle them all. You will be glad you chose us!


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