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satisfaction-guaranteed-blue Are you looking for an honest and reliable plumber to locate a plumbing leak in your home? A plumber that has the experience and expertise to perform FAST & AFFORDABLE service without the pressure or upsell that is all to common in the plumbing industry? Someone to treat you and your home as they would their own?  Do you suspect a plumbing leak that is in serious need of leak detection in Boynton Beach?

If so then look no further because you have found us! Cape Plumbing & Leak Detection in Boynton Beach Fl is the fastest, most skilled & reliable leak detection company in Boynton Beach Florida, hand down!

Whether you have a leaking faucet, sink, tub or shower or suspect a slab leak in the foundation of your home, we can help. We have over 20 years experience in the plumbing industry providing drain, sewer and slab leak detection. Boynton Beach is our home and we have local, professional plumbers standing by to help you today.

Give our professional water leak detection expert a call today to schedule an estimate and fix your water leak fast:

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What Happens When Leaks Go Undetected?

For most homeowners it isn’t all that uncommon to be completely unaware of a plumbing leak; Or to simply see a small puddle of water now and then in your home and just soak it up with a towel and call it a day. However, it is important to know that undetected water leaks can lead to sever amounts of property damage overtime if neglected. Depending on the location and severity of the leak you could  encounter a wide range of problems by putting of your leak detection in Boynton Beach. Do you need service in a city other than Boynton? Our service areas include cities like Del Ray Beach, Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Coral Springs and the entire Tri County area. So give us a call if you have an undetected water leak anywhere in South Florida!

Some of the most common dangers of undetected water leaks are:

  • Structural damage to your Homes Foundation
  • Mold & Mildew throughout your Home
  • Significantly damaged and sometimes ruined Flooring and Walls
  • Furniture/Carpet Damage from flooding

Plumbing Leak Detection Options

The piping & plumbing that runs through most homes can be hard to access for most. Typically a homes plumbing pipes are sealed within walls, buried in flooring/foundations or even running through ceilings. It wasn’t long ago that in order to find a plumbing leak, breaking through foundations, ceilings or walls was necessary! As technology has advanced, so have our methods for leak detection. With modern technology we can use devices & techniques like pipe cameras, thermal imaging technology & air testing. These are much less invasive, do not require damage to your home and are simple in & out procedures. This is why a skilled, highly trained and well equipped leak detection plumber should be hired for your homes leak detection in Boynton Beach. At Cape Plumbing & Leak Detection we use industry standard leak detection methods complete with state of the art equipment to ensure fast, safe & affordable leak detection, every time! Don’t forget that we also provide water heater service, installation and repair in Boynton Beach as well!

If you suspect your homes plumbing system has sprung a leak, it is vital that you pick up the phone and contact our experienced leak detection expert to stop the damage in its tracks! Don’t hesitate, call Cape Plumbing at (954) 260-5352 today.

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