Image result for plumbing leak detectionDo you know or suspect that you have a water leak in your homes plumbing? Have you noticed an unusually high water bill and suspect a water leak could be the culprit? If so, finding the source of the water leak as soon as humanly possible is a must to ensure you don’t spend $1000’s of dollars later on costly water damage repairs! Our water leak detection in Deerfield Beach FL will do for you just that! When we receive a call from a residence in the 33441 or any part of Deerfield Beach Florida regarding a suspected plumbing leak we make that call a priority! Locating and repairing a leaking water line or sewer line is an emergency service that cannot be delayed. Unfortunately many home owners don’ t notice the subtle signs of a water leak until the leak has gotten so bad that water is pooling up on their flooring or walls. If you have notice mold or mildew under your sink, flooring or in your walls call us now! Our proprietary method of plumbing Leak Detection in Deerfield Beach will locate, diagnose and repair your water leak immediately!

The hard part for most homeowners dealing with a plumbing leak is they simply don’t know they have one. That’s because most plumbing leaks go unseen by the eye due to their location. That means it takes time for enough build up  in walls and flooring to become noticeable. This also means that even the smallest water leak can cause a tremendous amount of damage to ones home. Again slow and steady loss of water means that there is a lot of time for water to accumulate and for damage to homes foundation, walls, and flooring to add up. We always advise our customers to keep an eye on their water bill as this is usually the first indication that you may need leak detection in Deerfield Beach Fl.

If you know or suspect that your home in Deerfield Beach requires water leak detection to locate the source of a water leak please give us a call today!leak detection coral springs diagram

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  • Electronic Leak Detection Deerfield Beach FL

Electronic Leak Detection Deerfield Beach

So you may be wondering how exactly it is that we locate water leaks with over 95% accuracy! The method we use is called electronic leak detection. Deerfield Beach residences are examined using a device that delivers a low-volt charge from a pulse generator for one second at a time. If there a leak is located in a water line this advanced piece of equipment will locate it with pin point accuracy. Better equipment and faster leak location means we can provide the most competitive rates for plumbing leak detection in Deerfield Beach FL.

What are the dangers of an undetected water leak?


  • Damage to your homes foundation
  • Mildew & Mold that can grow and spread throughout your house
  • Destroyed floors and tiles due to water damage
  • Ruined furniture and decorations throughout your home
  • and ultimately flooding costing tens of thousands of dollars in damages!

If you suspect a plumbing leak may be plaguing your home and costing you money in wasted water and property damages do not hesitate to call Cape Plumbing Inc. today to schedule your Electronic Leak Detection in Deerfield Beach Fl.

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