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Leak Detection Jupiter FL

At Cape Plumbing we pride ourselves on delivering efficient and technical plumbing services throughout South Florida. Using state-of-the art electronic leak detection techniques we can precisely find your water leak located in your wall, ceiling, slab, or floor without digging or damaging any structures within your home. Our Leak Detection in Jupiter Fl uses a combination of highly sensitive electronic equipment with acoustic leak detection instruments.

Since our same-day plumbing leak detection in Jupiter utilizes a specialized process that delivers results in a timely manner you will not spend additional money that is often spent when using outdated and prolonged leak detection methods. You won’t need to wait weeks for repairs or even days. Since leak detection technology has advanced tremendously in the last decade we can locate most common leaks within an hour.

 If you suspect you have a leak within your home do not hesitate to call to schedule service.  An unaddressed leak could end up wasting 2,000-20,000 gallons of water per year in a typical home which will ultimately cost you more money.  Our Jupiter leak detection services is second to none! You will never pay any hidden fee’s or surprise costs with Cape Plumbing & Leak Detection in Jupiter Florida.

How Do I Know If I Need Leak Detection?

Do you hear running water even when your water is turned off or have cracks in your walls or ceiling? Or perhaps you’ve noticed mildew or moisture beneath your carpet? Have you seen a spike in your water bill? If you answered yes to any of these questions your home may have what we call a “slab” leak. A slab leak is an industry term that refers to any leaks that occur in your concrete slab or home foundation.  

These types of leaks are considered to be the most concerning leaks that can cause the most damage. If a “slab” leak goes undetected for long periods of time repair costs can become very expensive. If you suspect you have a slab leak don’t wait any longer and call an expert! With our Slab Leak Detection in Jupiter Florida we can provide fast answers for your concerns and provide upfront estimates to address your leaky needs! Once we have confirmed a slab leak in your home and if you agree to our estimate we will begin working right away.  One of our experts will begin repairing your leak using safe and efficient techniques that have been successful leak after leak! Don’t hesitate to contact us today we are standing by and ready to perform our tried and tested water leak detection  in Jupiter!

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Where Is My Water Leak Coming From?

Hidden water leaks can often times remain unknown to a home owner until overt signs of a leak begin to pop up. One of the most common signs of a water leak is a high water bill. Since porous foundations allow most Jupiter water leaks to flow down underground they can go undetected and remain hidden. 

One of the easiest things that you can do when you receive a surprisingly high water bill is ask yourself some simple questions: Do any of my faucets drip or run constantly, even when turned off? Does my toilet run when not in use? If you have a swimming pool, did you recently drain and fill it?

If you do not notice of any of these overt signs of leaking water then it is definitely time to contact our Jupiter leak detection specialist Plumber Service! Underground or hidden water leaks can cause $1000’s of dollars in damage to your homes flooring. Water leaking under a Jupiter concrete floor will require a careful inspection to source the leak and repair it. Call Cape Plumbing Inc. today to schedule a time for us to come out and perform our highly accurate Leak Detection in Jupiter Fl.

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Client Reviews

Mark and his team were extremely intelligent about my system, knew what to look for and had it fixed fast! I wish I would have found them for the original install and will use him again in a heartbeat!
Roger Hobbs
Davie, FL
By far the best plumbing company we have ever dealt with. Would use them again in a heartbeat.
Tim Kreiger
Fort Lauderale, FL
They were in and out and the price for the service was unbeatable! Thank you Mark and Cape Plumbing!
Samantha Briggs
Boca Raton, FL
They found the broken pipe responsible for the water damage to my wall and flooring in less than 1 hour!
Ranvir Singh
West Palm Beach, FL

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