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Plumbing Leak Detection – West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Delray Beach FL

Are you suffering from a water leak in your home or business? Do you need plumbing & water leak detection in West Palm Beach? Pompano Beach or Delray Beach Fl?

If so, you have come to the right place! Cape Plumbing and Leak Detection has over 35 years experience in the residential and commercial plumbing industry. We are conveniently located in West Palm Beach Florida and provide Slab leak detection, water leak detection, sewer & drain line leak detection 7 days a week!  With our flexible scheduling, free estimates and guaranteed location of plumbing leaks, we are the go-to plumber in West Palm Beach County!

No matter how bad your plumbing leak may be we are here to help. We utilize the latest in water leak detection technologies ranging from infrared testing of floors, ceilings and walls to acoustic to video pipe inspection techniques. Armed with the know-how, experience and equipment necessary to locate even the toughest leaks, our plumbers are standing by to provide you with:

Call Cape Plumbing Inc. today to schedule your FREE Leak Detection Estimate in West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Delray Beach or any one of our other service cities throughout South Florida! Read more about the plumbing services we offer in Pompano Beach Here. We are standing by with a fully stocked van ready to assist you with your slab leaks, drain leaks, sewer lines and more!

Your homes plumbing is not a matter to take lightly often times plumbing leaks that appear to be small can balloon into thousands of dollars in costly repairs. For instance the average slab leak repair, when left unaddressed for 3 months or more can cost upwards of $2,500! That is why you should contact a reliable plumbing professional to help you with your water leak detection, slab leak detection, plumbing, pipes & sewer leaks at the very first sign of damage!

Types of Plumbing Leaks

Rest assured that Cape Plumbing is standing by ready to provide you with fast, affordable, reliable and minimally invasive slab leak detection, water leak detection, drain leak detection and slab leak repair in West Palm Beach, Leak Detection in Pompano Beach & Delray Beach Fl.

Slab Leaks

A leak in a pipe under the cement slab of a home. This is usually one of the toughest leaks to get to due to the layer of concrete covering the pipes. A skilled plumbing leak detection specialist in Pompano Beach, Delray Beach & West Palm Beach can locate these leaks with no damage whatsoever to your homes flooring and slab.

Drains & Sewers

Backed up sewer and drain lines to blockages or intrusions from roots, debris or crushed pipes. All of which can cause severe water leaks and damage to a homes foundation.

Ceilings, Floors & Wall Leaks

Leaks in utility lines, bathrooms, water mains, pipes and more can manifest themselves showing pooling of water on floors, inside walls and on ceilings depending on where the pipes in your home are run.

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