Same Day Water Leak Detection

If you believe that you may have a plumbing leak in your home in Miami, Broward or Palm Beach County, you can depend on theLeak Detection Experts
highly trained plumbers at Cape Plumbing, Inc. We know just how vital it is that slab leaks, water leaks, drain and sewer and all plumbing leaks are checked fast because they can cause significant damage to your home and property and become harder to repair 
with each passing day.

Our qualified leak detection services start at $100 to locate your leak and we always provide an Up Front Estimate 100% Free of Charge before we ever begin our service. This way you always know what you pay well before service begins.

  • Same Day Leak Detection
  • 100% Free No Obligation Estimates
  • Guaranteed Water Leak Location

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State of the Art Leak Detection Services

We use a blend of cutting edge techniques including highly sensitive electronic equipment, audio transmitters that bounce both low and high frequency waves off of water lines to locate leaks and figure out just how deep they are.  We even use video camera inspection to pin point the exact section of a homes piping that is leaking. What better way to find a leak than with an “eye in the pipe”.


Leak Detection in Palm Beach, Broward & Miami-Dade is a highly specialized service consisting of locating water leaks in a homes

Fast Plumbersplumbing system. Usually leaks are found under concrete slabs in your homes foundation, in plumbing or piping located inside a homes walls or in sewer lines running throughout a house. At Cape Plumbing we specialize in locating ALL PLUMBING leaks, especially the hard to find ones.


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