Leak Detection Port Charlotte

sprinterCape Plumbing offers a wide array of specialized plumbing services including plumbing leak detection in Port Charlotte. We use state-of-the-art leak detection equipment including highly sensitive electronics complete with  audio transmitters that work by “bouncing” high & low frequency waves off of water lines to locate leaks with pin point accuracy. Whether your homes water leak is inside a wall, under flooring, or hidden deep underneath a concrete slab, our skilled leak detection experts will quickly and accurately find and stop your plumbing leak.

While the equipment we use is highly accurate and extremely expensive to purchase; The operator plays the biggest role in the accurate detection of water leaks. That is why we staff a skilled leak-only plumbing specialist who spends his days doing nothing more than locating and repairing water leaks! Our particular specialization has proven time and time again to save our customers both time and money!

Why do we do this? Well, besides our customers satisfaction and quality of work nothing matters more to us than being as affordable as possible. So naturally since water leaks are one of the highest cost plumbing repairs when not located quickly and effectively, we prioritize quality and ease of service. Most of our customers have no idea that undetected water leaks can cost them $1,000’s of dollars in water damage repairs! Cape Plumbing leak detection in Port Charlotte finds leaks FAST and AFFORDABLY! Saving our customers $1000’s of dollars e

The differences in pressure, when located by our equipment, are the hallmarks of pinholes or splits in your homes piping. These are red flags that would otherwise go unnoticed and undetected. It takes a highly trained and well skilled leak detection plumber in Port Charlotte using the most advanced equipment on the market to do this effectively.

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